Eastbourne CWO learn from the last 100 years

Women's getting the vote and gaining political power over the last 100 years was the recent focus of a tea and talk by Eastbourne Conservative Women's Organisation.

Former MP, Caroline Ansell, joined with fifty women and men for the occasion at the town's Landsdowne Hotel late last month.

Local historian and community champion, Diane Mulkeirins, gave an insightful and engaging presentation on the role of women during the two World Wars and the Representation of the People Act (1918) which won some women the vote 100 years ago this year.

University student, Georgia Doidge, also read a thought-provoking poem she had composed inspired by the campaign for gender equality.

The event also heard about Louisa Twinning (of tea fame) and her work on maternity care, with a special focus on the unmarried mothers who represented a significant group at workhouse.

Minnie Turner - a Sussex suffragette - who put a brick through the window of the Home Office and spent 21 days in Holloway Prison for the offence was also mentioned.

"This was a successful event that put some real insight and a human face to the struggle women have had to face to gain rights, and it was humbling to hear some of the stories of that struggle," said Caroline.

"It was also an event that brought families together too, as we had three generations of attendees from one family - grandmother, mother, daughter - plus, of course some good men too.

"It remains a great honour to be the first woman in Eastbourne to hold the office of Member of Parliament, and I thank Diane and all the women who organised this event."

Diane added: "I'm passionate about supporting women to realise their talents and fulfil their potential. All that I've been able to do – graduate, Company Director, run for election - all of these opportunities have been hard won by those who&'ve gone before us.

"So, Caroline and I are on a mission to see women today aspire. We've come a very long way in the last 100 years, but there's more yet to achieve."

Above is a picture from the event. L-R. Former MP Caroline Ansell, University Student Georgia Doidge, Diane Mulkeirins, Local historian and Community Campaigner.

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