Honour Killings Press Release

Conservative Women's Muslim Group Summit on Honour Killings and Violence Against Women

Yesterday, the Conservative Women's Organisation's (CWO) Muslim Group held a summit on honour killings and violence against women. Speakers included: Dominic Grieve MP, Shadow Attorney General, Houzan Mahmoud, Co-ordinator of the International Campaign against killing and stoning of women in Iraqi Kurdistan, Jasvinder Sanghera, Co-founder of Karma Nirvana, Heather Harvey, Stop Violence Against Women Campaign and Commander Steve Allen, Head of the Metropolitan Policy Violent Directorate.

Dr. Shazia Ovaisi, Chairman of the Conservative Women's Muslim Group said:

'Yesterday's summit highlighted the ongoing tragedy of women who are victims of honour killings and domestic violence in ethnic communities in Britain and throughout the world.

'Behind every killing there is a culture of coercion and bullying by their family or spouse. In Britain, whilst there is legislation in place to bring people to justice, we need cultural change, so that it becomes unacceptable as well as illegal.

'It is up to Britain's Muslims and other ethnic communities to speak out about these issues and bring about that change. We must take ownership of these issues and provide a voice, so that women in all communities understand their rights as a British citizen.

'In the past Asian women have been the least canvassed and this must change, with our ongoing work, today and in the future, to spread the message of core Conservative values and to highlight issues that affect women in Britain today, we will ensure all use their voice and their vote'.


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