CWO to Donate £25,000 to Women Candidates

At its National Executive meeting today the CWO committed over £25,000 to support Conservative women parliamentary candidates fighting a range of seats across the country. When combined with CWO Regional donations, the total will be nearer £40,000.

National CWO Chairman, Niki Molnar, said: 'The CWO has a long history of campaigning for better representation for women in parliament and we are delighted to help in this very practical way. This has only been made possible by the extraordinary donations and fundraising efforts by CWO members and supporters around the country.'

The CWO Development programme (CWOD) has contributed towards the fund. 'Over half of long-listed women candidates having attended our workshops, so we are also very pleased to be able to contribute to the fighting funds of our CWOD 'Graduates', many of whom are in target seats', she added.

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