CWO London BBQ with Victoria Borwick MP

From the GLA to the Green Benches

What an evening it turned out to be...

I had never attended a CWO event before and decided now would be a good time  and I'm so glad I did.  I felt proud and privileged to spend the evening with like minded, strong and inspirational women from diverse communities (and the odd male...) that want to make a difference to their communities, that have the fire in their belly on subjects that mean most to them but most importantly want to see this country go from strength to strength with a Conservative led government. 

The highlight of the evening was listening to Victoria Borwick MP and her rise from GLA Member to Member of Parliament.   This passionate lady is an utter delight to listen to, has all the qualities that make her a terrific MP, keeps her feet firmly on the ground with a great sense of humour but at the same time doesn't lose sight of the importance of her 'new role'.  This newly elected Member of Parliament understands that she needs to make tough decisions when called for but putting the needs of her constituents at the forefront. 

Did I feel pride, most certainly I did.  It is with sheer enthusiasm that I look forward to my next CWO event...

Pauline Fynn, CWO London

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