Your All New CYW Committee 2018

In the centenary year of women achieving the right to vote, Conservative Young Women (CYW) is relaunched with new Co-Chairs and a new committee.

About CYW

Conservative Young Women is born out of Conservative Future Women (CF Women). When Conservative Future was disbanded, the Conservative Womens Organisation (CWO) did not want to see all the hard work from CF Women to go to waste, so it was brought under the CWO umbrella.

Under CWO, CYW enables women under 30 to network, exchange ideas, learn from mentors in politics and in business; as well as supporting, training and advising young women who put themselves forward for public office. CYW ensures that young women are encouraged and supported in realising their ambitions. CYW always has two Co-Chairs- a co-opted young women under 30 and a nominated person from the CWO National Executive. The co-opted Co-Chair forms a committee to deliver on the mission and aims of CYW.

A Word From Your New Co-Chair

Seena Shah has been co-opted by CWO to Co-Chair CYW with Alexia Roe.

This year is all about inclusion, openess and engagement - I want to show the UK that anyone can be a Conservative Woman.

This year the committee is bigger than ever. We have lots of engaged young women on board who are focused on creating opportunities and events that cater for all- whether you are under 19, at university, working, identify as LGBTQ+ or BAME, live in London, Norfolk or Manchester, like lots of speeches or just want to socialise with like-minded young women, there will be somthing for you.

We live in a climate where it is often difficult to be open about being a Conservative young woman safely. I believe by changing the face of how we are represented in the public domain, we will be able to combat this. 

So no matter how engaged you already are, please feel free to come along to our events or keep in touch via email newsletters or social media.

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