BAME Beauty and the Covid Beast – the Ugly Truth

An article by Pauline Lewis, from Centric Magazine

In 2018, the British Beauty Industry employed over 370,000 employees and generated consumer spending of over £27 billion. Despite this, we were still confronted with scenes in the House of Commons in July of male MPs making light of the need to attend beauty salons.  Opening pubs so people could drink beer was seen as a serious issue, but women needing to dress their hair and deal with facial problems was treated as a non-essential luxury. In one sphere of the economy, beer drinking was seen as an economic imperative, whilst in the other, the huge value of female lead industries was not even noticed. With over 10 million women in the UK and Europe saying they have different textured hair from the average women, the ignorance shown to women from different cultural backgrounds was apparent.

To read more find the full article on the Centric Magazine Website.

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