Past CWO Chairmen

With grateful thanks to Jeremy McIlwaine, Conservative Party Archivist at the
Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

1919-1921 Lady Fitzalan [Lady Edmund Talbot]
1921-1925 Mrs W. Bridgeman [later, Dame Caroline Bridgeman]
1925-1928 Viscountess Elveden
1928-1932 Countess of Iveagh
1933-1935 Mrs Regina Evans
1935-1938 Lady Hillingdon
1938-1942 Mrs Marian Whitehead
1942-1945 Mrs Hornyold-Strickland
1945-1948 Dame Lucille Sayers [Elsewhere listed as Mrs Lorne Sayers]
1948-1951 Mrs Anne Warde
1951-1954 Evelyn Emmet, Baroness Emmet of Amberley [Otherwise described as Mrs TA Emmet]
1954-1957 The Baroness Elliot of Harwood [otherwise described as Mrs Walter Elliot, or Katharine Elliot]
1957-1960 Lady Mary Graham
1960-1963 Dame Margaret Shepherd [Peggy]
1963-1966 Mrs CJA Doughty [later, Dame Adelaide Doughty]
1966-1969 Dame Unity Lister
1969-1972 Dame Margot Smith [Otherwise described as Mrs Roy Smith]
1972-1975 Dame Shelagh Roberts
1975-1978 Dame Ann Springman [listed as Margaret Springham in the Times]
1978-1981 Dame Pamela Hunter [Otherwise described as Mrs Gordon Hunter]
1981-1984 Dame Joan Seccombe/The Baroness Seccombe DBE
1984-1987 Dame Margaret Fry
1987-1990 Dame Wendy Mitchell
1990-1993 Mrs Hazel Byford, The Baroness Byford DBE
1993-1996 Dame Joyce Annelay/The Rt Hon Baroness Anelay of St Johns DBE
1996-1999 Mrs Caroline Abel-Smith OBE
1999-2002 Mrs Marney Swan OBE
2002-2005 Mrs Pamela Parker
2005-2008 Lady Fiona Hodgson/The Baroness Hodgson of Abinger CBE
2008-2011 Mrs Pauline Lucas MBE
2011-2012 Ms Niki Molnar MBE
Mar-Nov 2012 Mrs Katy Bourne
2013-2016 Ms Niki Molnar MBE
2016-2019 Mrs Julie Iles
2019- Mrs Fleur Butler