GDPR and You

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulations apply from the 25th May 2018. It applies to both data controllers and processors.
  • A controller controls how and why personal data is processed.
  • A processor acts on the controller's behalf.
Within the Conservative Women's Organisation [CWO], the organisation is the controller and authorised users of our database are processors.

What data do we hold?

The CWO stores:
  • Contact Details
  • Group Membership, which can include:
    • Membership of the CWO
    • Party Membership
    • The CWO Region that you're a member of (if we have your address)
    • CWO Forums that you have registered for (not necessarily attended)
    • CWO Development Workshops that you have registered for - and whether paid or unpaid
    • Your CV, if you have attended any CWO Development Workshops (these are held on a CCHQ secure server)
What the CWO does NOT store:
  • No credit card information
  • No personal information such as religion, race, sexual orientation, etc.

Who can access your data?

Access to the CWO Extranet is determined by need and authenticated users are only shown data which is relevant to their role.
  • National officers and administrative CWO staff have unlimited access to member data across all regions.
  • The National Chairman, President, Administrator and CWO Director of Development have access to CWO Development information, including contact details, courses booked and CV.
  • The applicable Regional Chairman and one other authorised person per region (usually the Regional Secretary) has access to their own Regional membership data only.
  • The Administrator also has access to administrative functionality e,g, user logins.

Data Retention

The CWO retains personal data for no longer than is necessary, but as we use data for campaigning purposes, we will not remove your data unless you leave the Party, or have asked for your data to be removed.

Data that cannot be removed includes:
  • Any booking information where there is a cost involved, as your details form part of our annual accounts.
  • CWO Forum registrations, which are needed for security purposes if held at the Palace of Westminster, CCHQ or an Embassy.

Right to be Forgotten/Erasure

We will adhere to any requests where you want your personal details deleted from our database. According to the GDPR, you have a right to have personal data erased and to prevent processing in specific circumstances:
  • Where the personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was originally collected/processed.
  • When the individual withdraws consent.
  • When the individual objects to the processing and there is no overriding legitimate interest for continuing the processing.
  • The personal data was unlawfully processed (ie otherwise in breach of the GDPR).
  • The personal data has to be erased in order to comply with a legal obligation.
  • The personal data is processed in relation to the offer of information society services to a child.
If any of the above applies, please email the CWO Data Protection Officer with your name, any other email addresses you may be registered with and your home address, so we can ensure that all your personal data is erased.

What we can't erase

The following cannot be erased for accounting or security reasons, but we will suppress any future processing of that data.
  • CWO Development Workshop bookings less than 7 years old cannot be deleted, as they form part of our annual accounts.
  • CWO Forum Registrations for forums held in the Palace of Westminster, CCHQ or an Embassy, as they are required for security for 7 years.
Information relating to your order, including your postal address, may remain on these separate data tables but your main record will be permanently deleted. If you wish to re-join the CWO, then you must complete the Join the CWO form, to reinstate your record.

Transferrence of data internationally

The CWO uses Google Analytics, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, all of whom are certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield where required and the CWO database syncs with Campaign Monitor and MailChimp using their secure APIs.

You can unsubscribe from any newsletter by clicking the Unsubscribe link on any emails that are sent by MailChimp.


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