CWO Fundraiser Club

The CWO fundraising club is focused on raising funds for the CWO to support more women into public life. We support women through out the pipeline of development of candidates towards the green benches. We give offer subsidised development work shops, mentoring, and large scale events as well as paying for this website and admin costs. All this takes money.

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Examples of the work of the Club, 

  • Members help target donations from high net worth individuals as well as run fundraising pushes like the highly successful.
  • CWO100 club to celebrate 100 years of the CWO.
  • Centenary dinner at the Mayfair Hotel.
  • Dinner with our top CWO women talking about their journey into politics. 

If you would like to join the fundraising club and help us up our game please contact: and let the chairman know.

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