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Calling all female entrepreneurs!

Looking to start your own business? Don't know where to start? Recently started a business and want some advice and support? Then you are in the right place. We organise friendly get-togethers of around 30 women to offer support and encouragement in a relaxed and informal environment. You will get direct access to 4 successful female entrepreneurs and an opportunity to hear about their experiences, ask them for advice and help, and to network with a like-minded supportive group of women.

We have 2 London dates coming up - click for more information and to book tickets:

Another Make It Your Business sell-out success!

The Royal Society on Carlton House Terrace was the scene of the second London-based Make It Your Business event organised and lead by entrepreneur Alison Cork on March 29th.  Alison put together a varied and interesting panel of women entrepreneurs including:
  • Debbie Moore former model and still very active founder of Pineapple Dance Studios. Debbie was also the first woman to float a company on the London Stock Exchange (1982)!
  • Susan Bull who continues to buck the clicks and order trend for the 10th year running with her stylish Hertfordshire village located clothing boutique.
  • Hannah Russell founder of innovative Layer, a currated online market place where and buyers and sellers of preloved desinger furniture and interior decoration meet.
  • Sylvia Stevenson recently founded career coaching business DiverseWithUs whilst still working full time in the technology sector.
The evening's top tips from these inspirational women:
  • Write down the steps you need to do to start your business, then do it - it's much eaiser to accomplish big things by breaking them into 'bite-size' pieces
  • Visualise where you want to be and write that down
  • Always be honest in your dealings and communications

CWO EnterpriseThe audience then had the opportunity to ask the panel questions and continued to network after the event.

CWO Enterprise is looking to put on more of these events around the country. We want to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, and of all ages, by giving the opportunity to meet and hear from women who have successfully started their own businesses right there in their area!

We are always looking for people to help us achieve this, so if you would like to get involved please contact us by signing up for the newsletter below.

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