Niki Molnar MBE

Niki Molnar MBE

Former National CWO President

Niki Molnar Niki started in politics early, helping her mother deliver leaflets from the age of seven. She joined the Conservative Party in 1997 after the Labour landslide.

By profession, Niki is a web developer/programmer and marketing specialist, running her own consultancy since 2001, which helps start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses.

Niki has been a member of the CWO Executive for 13 years, originally co-opted under the Chairmanship of Baroness Hodgson CBE in 2005, followed by 3 years as a National Deputy to Pauline Lucas MBE. Niki was National Chairman for 4 years (2011-2012 and 2013-16) and CWO President (2016-2019).

During that time, Niki’s “behind the scenes” work has included creating 4 different versions of the CWO website, programming an expansive secure CWO intranet, re-writing the CWO Constitution and creating an Executive Manual (a “how-to” guide for national and regional officers). She remains a CWO Development trainer for social media and online campaigning and was National Treasurer 2013-2019. Niki was also the CWO’s Data Protection Officer (2017-2019), helping to bring in the changes required by the new GDPR laws.

Outside of her CWO administrative work, Niki continues to have excellent relationships with all the major NGOs, is a promoter of WaterAid’s outstanding works and speaks at schools to encourage girls to take STEM subjects. She set up the successful Boat CO Safe campaign to get the law changed to require all boats in UK waterways to be fitted with a Carbon Monoxide alarm.

Niki was awarded an MBE in the New Years’ Honours 2017.
2016 - 2019: National President
2013 - 2019: Treasurer
2013 - 2016: National CWO Chairman
2011 - 2012: National CWO Chairman
2008 - 2011: National Deputy Chairman
2006 - 2008: CWO Co-option

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