Dorothy Dunlop

Dorothy Dunlop

Regional Chairman, CWO Northern Ireland

Dorothy Dunlop Dorothy has lived most of her life in Belfast, N. Ireland, and is a graduate of Queen's University, Belfast.

Prior to her marriage she worked in the Arts Council, London and the BBC N. Ireland. After her marriage she worked as a teacher in various schools and the Prison Education Service.

Dorothy has four children and seven grandchildren.
Dorothy was elected to Belfast City Council in 1975 as an Ulster Unionist and served for eighteen years, becoming Deputy Lord Mayor in 1978-79.
She has also served in the Northern Ireland Assembly of 1982-86, representing East Belfast for whom she was Chairman of the Health & Social Services Committee.

On leaving the City Council in 1992 Dorothy joined the Conservative Party and became Area Chairman 1995-97. She has attended and spoken at a number of Party Conferences.

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