Fleur Butler

Fleur Butler

Fleur Butler Fleur's background is as a Management Consultant for the charity sector, before going into politics. She has held every top cabinet post including Finance, Housing and Communities and ended up Leader of a District Council.

She writes regularly for the Independent and ConservativeHome.
Fleur was a member of the Council of Europe, and lead delegations for democratic election monitoring from Armenia to Bulgaria and has spoken in Strasbourg. She stood as an MEP and have run various campaigns. As a parliamentary candidate, she was shortlisted for Salisbury, Harrogate, Stockton South, among others, and now use this candidate experience to mentor new women towards their PAB and their applications to winning seats. Fleur has a wide experience with social media and Twitter, gained partly from her small business growing and selling British flowers.
2019- National CWO Chairman
2018-2019 National CWO Deputy Chairman
2017-2019 Regional Chair, CWO Yorkshire
2016-2017 Co-Regional Chair, CWO Yorkshire

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