Tiz Baskerville MBE

Tiz Baskerville MBE

Hon Vice President, CWO

Tiz Baskerville Tiz has been a voluntary member of the Conservative Party nearly all her life. She started with the YCs in Brentwood, following helping her sister's successful campaign to get elected to Brentwood Council! Having moved to Norfolk, Tiz soon became involved with the local SW Norfolk Association, becoming a Branch chairman. Later, having climbed the Association ladder, Tiz became Association Chairman to Rt Hon Gillian Shephard, which was an incredible honour for Tiz - and a steep learning curve.

Having completed her term, Tiz then joined the newly formed Norfolk & Suffolk Area Team, and soon became responsible for the Campaign Support activities within the Area - hence her enduring passion for canvassing and the need for targeting.

During her term as Area Chairman, Tiz had the daunting task of chairing all the boundary meetings connected with the creation of a new constituency in Norfolk and the resulting candidate selection procedure. Challenging but rewarding.

Tiz then joined the Eastern Region team and was invited to join the newly formed Association Finance Board. After three years as a Deputy Chairman, Tiz then became Chairman of Eastern Region. The 2010 General Election saw the Region gain eleven out of twelve of its target seats. This was a wonderful outcome and a result of incredible teamwork across the patch - just such a shame that the twelfth seat, Luton South, just missed out.

During this time Tiz also served the CWO in the Region and nationally. She was CWO Chairman for SW Norfolk and then did six years as the Regional CWO Chairman, always supporting the superb candidate training that the CWO undertake nationally.

Elected as a Vice President of the National Convention in April 2014, Tiz has particular responsibilities for the National Excellence Awards Scheme, as a Vice Chairman of the CPF and for looking after both the East and West Midlands Regions.
Tiz has been CWO Regional Chairman (Eastern), CWO Regional President (Eastern) and was elected National Hon President at the CWO AGM in June 2015. She was invited to become an Hon Vice President in 2016.

Tiz was elected National Deputy Chairman in 2019.

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