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Have you been inspired by the General Election to stand for public office? The next election may be in 2022 but the Conservative Party still need excellent candidates to stand for other elections in the next few years, including:

  • Police & Crime Commissioners
  • Elected Mayors
  • London, Welsh and Scottish Assemblies
  • Councils - both at local and County level
56% of new Conservative women MPs in 2015 were helped by CWO Development...

Will you be one next time?

We organise a programme of affordable, professional workshops designed to help individuals with both their personal and political development. Please register your interest by clicking here, however, please note that participation in CWO Development programmes is only available to members of the Conservative Party but our Be a Councillor Days are open to anyone. We also welcome gentlemen! If you are not a member of the party then you can join here.
I owe so much to CWO Development. It helped me from my earliest days before I became a local councillor and well before I was elected as MP for Twickenham. The CWO workshops were great fun - especially those led by the brilliant Liz St Clair - and I often recall the tips I learned from one particular video-taping day.

The best part of the CWO is having friends who have been with me on the journey from councillor candidate, to councillor, then from Parliamentary Assessment board candidate through to MP. CWO proves that the Conservative Party truly welcomes and supports women in politics. Thank you.

Dr Tania Mathias, (MP for Twickenham 2015-17)
As an aspiring candidate, who has only more recently become involved in politics, I found the CWO Development workshops hugely helpful. I attended three out of the four courses on offer and got a huge amount out of each training day. Not only were the workshops informative and extremely practical but they were also a great way to network and meet other future candidates. The courses covered everything from campaign communications to setting up your website and social media presence.

It was quite terrifying doing the first round of mock selection questions but, after a few times, answering questions on every area of policy from the economy to the NHS health reforms on the spot it just showed that practice makes all the difference. I particularly valued the media training with a mock radio interview and Question Time style panel. Other useful tips including information on compliance, filling out your application forms and how to fundraise for your campaign. Anyone who is even thinking about running as a Councillor, MP or MEP should attend one of the CWO's excellent courses.

Theodora Clarke

Contact: Liz St.Clair, CWO Director of Development