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Tell No 10 is run by the Conservative Women’s Organisation in partnership with the Conservative Policy Forum.  It is the biggest data collection project in years, wanting to hear from the ground up, from YOU.  The best policies will be chosen by No10, research organisations and be made into policy papers, trialled through CPF, at CWO conferences and finally into future manifestos.

Tell No 10 forums are where you can join a group and discuss what you think are the issues, and more importantly, the solutions for society today.

Register HERE if you wish to attend one

If you are already part of a CPF you can go in via the CPF Tell No 10 networks, click HERE for CPF groups who are holding Tell No 10s. Or use Tell No 10 to set up a CPF in your Association.

Policy Ideas being put forward, Which ones would you pick?

  1. Impose environmental sanctions on countries with poor practices.
  2. Regional tax breaks in the North and SW to really focus on the levelling up agenda
  3. Encourage entrepreneurship for women setting up micro businesses by making more childcare vouchers available
  4. Looking at schools as educational investment centres, with access to life skills and career advice and a wider variety of exams
  5. To create a TeachFirst style training entry point for new, paid carers, to encourage excellence, sponsored by business and industry, who identify the transferable skills that Care workers develop.
  6. Bring back Sure Start to local communities to support all new families not just those in financial need.

More Information about the background to Tell No 10. 

Tell No 10 is designed to use the tools of big business to create new products that their customers want to buy.  We want to hear from you about what you are interested in, and what new solutions you think the government should focus on. We collect this information using a simple anonymised forms on who you are, and then trained facilitators will lead the  group to pick out the top 2 ideas that should be in a manifesto!

The focus is unapologetically about getting new ideas from the ground up, particularly focusing on issues of interest of the swing female voters. All evidence suggests women are more influenced by manifestos than male voters. (e.g. Peter Kellner review GE17, New Statesmen, September 2017)

Traditional policy often comes out of Think Tanks, that are majority male, political parties that are majority male, MPs who are majority male and political journalists who are majority male.

Tell No 10 is designed to treat all voices equally, so that we truly can identify the voices of voters who aren’t in this traditional space. 

Don’t forget, issues of interest to women are of interest to men too and it is vital we include everybody in our groups so that we can get a real idea of the different range of ideas out their among our supporters, and more importantly, among our potential voters. No matter who you are, we want to hear your voice.

The Tell No 10 project gathers data in such a way it allows each group to come up with policy solutions, rather than just be a talking shop about issues.  These ideas can then be linked to different voting personae so we can see if our voters like the ideas or not. 

The best solutions will be chosen, helped by No10, and turned into research papers and taken back to the CPF before being put forward for current legislation, or included for our future manifesto. 

Some great new ideas are coming forward. Do you have a better idea? Take part in Tell no 10.

WE Want to know: What are your top 5 areas of interest, and what do you think Government should do about them? Join a Tell No 10 and tell us. Click here to register your interest.

  • Business and Industry
  • Culture, Media and Sport
  • Defence and Security
  • Education
  • Employment and Pensions
  • Environment and Food
  • Europe and Brexit
  • Family Life and Child Care
  • Health and Social Care
  • Housing and Communities
  • Immigration and Asylum
  • Policing and Crime
  • Science and Technology
  • Taxation
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Welfare Benefits


Debate local, national in international issues that concern women or organise and run a single issue campaign or in your community. Its your world, you choose what is important.

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