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How to write a policy paper 20220914

Wed 14 Sep 2022

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Dr John Hayward,


Fleur Butler

6.30-7.30 Wed 14th Sept on zoom: CPF and CWO are coming together to show those of you interested in policy and debating ideas, how to write a policy paper. For budding candidates to build their skills and knowledge of the party and how to influence debates, do come and join us. John Hayward, Director of CPF has worked for years with No10, Conservative Research Department and the CPF helping pull together national policy discussion papers that that help inform and implement conservative policies of the future. Come and hear how he explains what dark arts he performs to turn the ideas in to easily accessible policy papers that can influence debates. He will show us what you need to for background research, and how to articulate your policy, and where to research. So whether you have passed the PAB, or are just starting to think of your top priorities, come and find out how legislation is built up from policy papers and national debates and how you too can write these. MPs also welcome! A vital session for all candidates.

The zoom link will be sent out on the day.

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