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Bringing down red and yellow walls, in conversation with Dehenna Davison MP

Mon 14 Dec 2020

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Dehenna Davison MP


Lauren Bennie, Chair of CWO Scotland

Free Online Event: Monday 14th Dec 2020 7:00pm

Dehenna Davison MP joins CWO members in Scotland on 14 December at 7pm to discuss her historic election victory in 2019, breaking down the traditional Labour red wall to become the first Conservative MP for Bishop Auckland. In Westminster, Dehenna sits on the Home Affairs Select Committee, is a member of the European Research Group and the China Research Group, sits on the Board of the Blue Collar Conservatives and is a Parliamentary Council member of the centre-right think tank Northern Policy Foundation.

This event is a must for Scottish Conservative activists, campaign managers, prospective candidates and aspiring candidates around Scotland who would like to learn a tip or two about tearing down traditional red and yellow bricks in Scottish politics (and turning them blue) as we head towards elections in May 2021. We’ll hear how Dehenna achieved her historic election victory and how Dehenna intends to keep those Northern bricks blue. 

Please submit your questions for Dehenna to scotland@conservativewomen.uk. Zoom details will be sent out to all attendees prior to the event starting.

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