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CWO Northern Askhertostand

Thu 01 Oct 2020

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Esther Mcvey MP
Fleur Butler
Sharon Jandhu (Chairing)
Sonya Bachra-Byrne


Fleur Butler

FREE ONLINE EVENT: Thursday 1st October 6pm

A call for women leaders to shape our political world particularly in the North of England with Esther Mcvey

About this Event

Esther McVey MP – strong supporter of Northern Women and giving business and professional women a political voice that business men take for granted. 3 panellists followed by your opportunity to ask questions.

Fleur Butler -National Chairman, CWO who has stood for the European Parliament, was the only woman on the Yorkshire Leaders Board during her time as Leader of a Council, and has supported women into politics around the world, from Mexico to Indonesia.

Sonya Bachra-Byrne Co-Founder & Creative Director AVIE | Luxury Slow Fashion AVIE stands for sustainable, ethical, investment pieces. Working with fabrics & manufacturers from Britain & Europe

#NorthernAskHerToStand is open to all women irrespective of their politics, and more importantly for women who have none. It is sponsored by the Conservative Women’s Organisation (CWO) in Leeds, whose aim is to get more women into public life and to provide opportunities for business and politics to network. Women who make inquiries will be sign posted appropriately.

Democracy at its best works by representing the whole country, yet women only make up a fraction of political representatives both nationally and locally: less than 30% of all senior politicians, whether Cllrs or MPs, are female, irrespective of party. In short we need more women in public life; we hear too often of men in business having the ear of both local and national politicians. With Esther Mcvey, the CWO want to give women the same chance. So what do you care about….. and how can your voice be heard. Come and join us!

We also are encouraging women from non-traditional background to attend so all female voices can be heard. It is only when the country is fully represented that our democracy can be at its strongest.

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