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Getting started in Politics

Thu 17 Jun 2021

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Eve Burt
Fleur Butler


Fleur Butler

June Thursday 17th, 6-7.30pm: Getting started in Politics.

1.Getting started in politics . What is politics, what is ideology, and which Parties fit where. What is an MP, what is their work, how do they make law, how do they serve their communities. Basic skills needed, using Q and A tease these out of the attendees. What experience do you need to build these skills? What is trainable and what not? What is the process to getting on the list and when do you have enough experience to start.

This course is for those wanting to Understand more about Politics and the Party so that they can get going with their political career.

Refunds are available but must be requested 24 hours in advance so that we can offer your place to some one else. It can take up to one month to process all refunds so please be patient. please email CWO@Conservativewomen.uk

The zoom link will be sent out on the day of the course. If you have any issues getting on please email cwo@conservativewomen.uk or Direct Message the trainers from your whatsapp groups.

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