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What does a CWO Area Chairman do?

Mon 15 Nov 2021

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An Area Chairman, get in touch if you want to speak


Fleur Butler

6-7.30 on zoom. Are you an Area Chairman, or would you like to be one? sign up for this interactive training session for Areas and how you can manage your role.

Member support: Are you aware that as an Area Chairman it is your job to Welcome all new members with a phone call?

Party networking: Are you aware that as an Area Chairman you are meant to support your CWOs at local association level, attend their events, and help set up new CWO? Do you know how to do this? Have you asked for the guide on how to run an Area, How to set up a CWO?

Campaigning: Are you aware that you can organise campaign sessions in your Area, hold street stalls focused on female membership drives? organise trips to other bi elections and other CWO Cllr candidates.

Forums: Areas can, with the permission of the Region, invite local MPs (Not ministers or VIPs which involve National agreement and a clear idea as to who the audience is) to zooms and events. BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE AN AUDIENCE WHO WANTS TO COME. identifying the audience first is vital for all our events.

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