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CWO Scotland, EGM 2022

Thu 30 Jun 2022

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Craig Hoy TBC


Pamela Hall

30th June 6pm via zoom: You are invited to the CWO Scotland GM,

After the successful election of so many CWO women in to Holyrood, the CWO Officer team ceased to exist and was taken over by National CWO. We are delighted to announce that Roz McCall has agreed to be acting CWO Chairman of CWO Scotland, with the full support of Craig Hoy and the Party, to help rebuild our officer team, and find new brilliant women for political life.

We are now delighted to put in motion the formal appointment of Roz McCall as the appointed Chairman at our EGM.

This will put in motion the start of a full officer team appointed in the first year by Roz and the CWO National team, leading to the AGM by the end of April.

CWO Scotland General Meeting, June 2022

Following the CWO Constitution, 2021, this GM is called pursuant of regulation 8.3.6 and regulation 16.

Chairman,  Pamela Hall, National Chairman CWO.


  1. National Chairman’s Opening Remarks , Pamela Hall
  2. Apologies for Absence 
  3. Minutes of the CWO Annual General Meeting – 2021
  4. To formally confirm the appointment by the National CWO Roz McCall as Chairman of CWO Scotland. Pam Hall to confirm the will of CWO National team in collaboration with the Scottish Party representative Craig Hoy MSP.
  5. To Receive and Adopt the CWO Accounts 2015 
  6. To receive and note the Action Plan for Conservative Women Organisation in Scotland.
  7. Vote of Thanks to the Retired Chairmen, Lauren Bennie, and other members of the Scottish Executive elected to Holyrood.
  8. Any other business, at the discretion of the chairman (to be tabled prior to the meeting please email chairman@conservativewomen.uk)
  9. Close 

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