In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man, if you want anything done, ask a woman.

Margaret Thatcher

Introducing The CWO

“Supporting Women in to political life since 1919”. As the oldest politically affiliated female organisation in the world we are the pipeline for women in the party to…

  1. We support women into elected office through training, mentoring, and networking. From Councillors, Police Crime Commissionaires, to MPs and all elected roles in the Party.
  2. Represent women in the Party, thank them for the hard work they do and help women navigate our Party structures
  3. Reach out to women voters beyond politics, and engage with their concerns through policy forums, campaigns and lobbying and work with NGOs
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All members (men and women) of the Party can be members of the CWO as long as they agree to its Aim “To support more women into public life”.

If you are not a member of the Party but are still interested in the work of the CWO then please join as a “Friend of the CWO”. This limits access to certain elements such as the CWO Development training but other events such as Parliamentary Forums and events are open to all.

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We are Free to all members, but without your generous support we cant develop our CWO women to success and support in political life.

The CWO is a self funding organisation run mainly by volunteers. We do not receive money from the Conservative Party. Please give what you can afford, donations start at £10 . If you wish to give over £500 please get in touch

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CWO Development Mon 21 Jun 2021

What is a Political CV? part 1

June, Monday the 21st 6-7.30 The difference between a professional CV and a political one. The experience and skills you […]

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CWO Development Thu 24 Jun 2021

Why am I a Conservative, 2021624

June Thursday 24th. 6-7.30 Why am I a Conservative/finding a political voice: Show intellectual understanding of different types of Conservatism. […]

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Tue 29 Jun 2021

What is the future of registered marriage in the UK?

“What is the future of registered marriage in the UK?” 29th June 7.00-8.00pm Introduction Ajantha Tennakoon – CWO London Co-Chairs […]

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CWO Development Thu 01 Jul 2021

Developing your Political CV part 2, 20210701

July Thursday 1st, 6-7.30. Developing a political CV and building your confidence in presenting it Part 2. Why a CV […]

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An article by Sue Pascoe, Area Chairman of North and East Yorkshire CWO I was born with conflicting sex characteristics, […]

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A few weeks ago I participated in a webinar where the theme of politicians as animals came up. Sir Keir […]

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